Friday, January 4, 2019

Manatee country

Needless to say we're having internet issues again! While Chris can sometimes get on the internet on his phone mine is not cooperating in the least. We are settling into a routine finally, shopping every day in order to have fresh meat and vegetables to make our meals. This means a trip every day towards the larger Walmart that we finally found off of Highway 41. Oddly enough, the Michaels is closer than the Wal mart!

Yesterday found us in Naples, scouting out parking for the show. We left a note for an individual offering to pay for parking at his house, but no answer as of yet. It looks like we will have to park at the government complex 2 miles away. Fortunately we have reconfigured the booth to add a storage area. Once we unload Saturday morning,  Chris will park the truck while I start set up. Speaking of set up, we think it starts at 4 am! This puts us getting up at 3am to wake up, make the drive, and wait until the streets are cleared before beginning the task at hand. We also had a lovely lunch at a cafe that will be next to our booth. Our booth faces South so sun shouldn't be a huge problem during the day. We also toured the Naples Art center. What a beautiful facility!

We also gave multiple tours of the wagon in the afternoon.  One of the tours turned into a you tube video coming soon!

Two of the local schools have manatees for a mascot, so I decided to paint some for the show.  We are giggling about their saying though, we are manatees hear us roar.

Camping, artist life in sunny Florida!

Manatees  I & II , acrylic on canvas,6x6
Days 28 &29 of the 100 days 100 paintings Spring 2019

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