Sunday, January 6, 2019

Manatee country III & IV

Our lives have been crazy fun the past couple of days. We have thoroughly enjoyed Naples Florida and are hoping to come back again. The show was a great success and I hope I can get in again next year. Lots of people building houses again after the hurricane struck this area. Lots of wonderful comments, lots of people asking for cards, lots of people saying will we see you again. We also met a lovely couple that have just moved here and admired a painting. Because of moving expenses,  she said they really could not afford it at this time. I made her cry when I handed her a card, and told her,  pay it when you can.

We ate dinner at Pinchers tonight located in Tin City. Thinking of my mother as I dug into Alaskan King Crab. Her fondness for the program Deadliest Catch was epic! She could also put down some crab, although they were snow crab most of the time. Fond memories of her using her fingernails to dig out every morsel.

We have enjoyed the trip and are looking forward to the end with a kind of bittersweet goodbye. Going home and trying to make it tomorrow night to our bed, shower, and dachshunds! Laundry, shopping , and then I can then pack for India! It will be a quick turn around for me for  sure as I leave on the 16th!

Manatees III& IV, days 30 & 31 of the 100 days 100 paintings Spring 2019

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