Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Lionfish on the attack

We got home last night, about 7 in the evening. The moment we stepped out of our car, we heard the cacophony of doggie voices from inside the house. Lots of sweet kisses, whimpering,  and yodeling greeted us when we came in the doorway. We greeted them all, me sitting on the floor letting them jump all over me in their joy. After a few minutes it was, oh you're home. Pet me, love me, sit by me and I did after a long hot shower. We both were able to stay up until a normal bedtime and slept hard all night.

Today was a loooong day.....
It began with me reading my bible and trying to concentrate on what the words were trying to convey to me today. Chris was back and forth, pacing because he was ready to start the day. We took the dogs for a walk, got a good breakfast and we started our day in earnest. First up, emptying the wagon of all our personal items, clothes and extra foodstuffs. Then we put back all the pots, pans, and stove into their proper places. I sorted laundry while Chris took the artwork upstairs to the studio. Laundry started, I went outside and helped unload the show equipment onto the shelving in the "barn". Started another load of laundry.
That accomplished, we took down Christmas decorations and put them away. Folded laundry. We then went to Habitat for humanity restore looking for cabinetry for our daughters craft room in the new house. Not satisfied with what we found, we went to lunch and then Home depot and Lowes. We bought lumber and staples for upcoming projects. While Chris ripped lumber,  I did more laundry and slogged through my 500+ emails. I also paid a booth fee for an upcoming show at Orange Beach in March. It was then time for our rottens to get their ride for the day.

Pizza for dinner?
Sure !

I then folded laundry and put last load on to dry. We then went upstairs and stretched two large canvases from India for the Gallery.

And here I  am blogging from my phone while Chris is on the computer.
I think I hear a buzzer.....
Last load of laundry done!

Lionfish , acrylic on canvas, 12x12
Day 32 if the 100 days 100 paintings Spring 2019

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