Sunday, July 16, 2017

Delightful dolphins

Delightful Dolphins is a large scale painting done from the one featured several days ago. I painted this one on a grander scale, specifically because a client requested it. Not fearing a challenge, I went to task. This same collector also has a custom built, hand stretched, Pelican painting that fits over their living room television when it is not in use. She asked for  a painting or paintings that would go over their French doors leading to their outdoor room. The space is rather large, measuring 15ft x 3ft. The painting in three pieces measures slightly over 9ft. We took it over to her home this evening and with the exception of background color being changed, it is finished! 

This painting in three pieces actually took 2 days because of teaching, church projects, and oh that little thing called sleep!

Delightful Dolphins, Acrylic on 3 canvases, 2 at 24 x 36, and central piece 30 x 40
Day 14 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings

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