Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Going outside the box

Experimenting, jumping off the cliff, riding the zipline, going outside the box. 
These are all things as adult artists we are sometimes scared to do! 
I am no exception, sometimes scared to try new things. 
New things like being the "Foreman" on a house project. 
Building a turtle nest from nothing complete with 75 baby turtles and eggs!
Carving a reverse turtle mold out of wood for the project.
Large murals 10 1/2 feet x 40 feet.
Staining concrete floors.
Making a bathroom in our home one large mosaic.
I have conquered all these thing by channeling my inner child and learning new things.

Studying new projects, creating the beauty, pushing my limits, going outside the box.
We all need to do this in our adult lives! This painting is actually an underpainting for an experimental process. 
Looking forward to the finished project!

Going outside the box, acrylic on watercolor paper, 12 x 16
Day 10 of the 100 days~100 paintings

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