Monday, July 3, 2017

Middle Bay and Old Glory

"Middle Bay and Old Glory"

It's hard to imagine that it is already another year gone by and time to start the 100 Days~100 Paintings. I started this series in gulp.....2009. This year will find me blogging and painting my 900th piece of art! (Actually more, but there may be a post about that later.) I never imagined it would still be something I look forward to creating and writing about. This day begins the 2017 series. 

This year the dynamic is still changing daily. My hard work as a professional artist is paying off with my pieces starting to be in demand. This spring was very successful and it found me doing more commissions than ever. "The Artists gallery" on South Section Street, Fairhope Alabama, now carries my works in a double sized space. Big Fish Trading Company on 98 is also carrying my pieces to go with their fabulous furniture. People are also visiting the studio to pick out their works. 
I also began a new series of paintings on multiple canvases. 

Fall shows applications are in and acceptances are being sent. 
The biggest change of all is my husband retired from his 40 year job at the paper mill. I am really enjoying having the love of my life at home, but we are still getting used to doing things apart. Most exciting is our new "tiny house" we use to travel and carry our dachshunds along for the journey! I cannot wait to take it to shows for us to have a place to stay. 

Now as to the surprise mentioned on Facebook, I am giving away a shadowbox painting of your choice in the 16 x 16 size. This size painting sells at shows for $155. I am looking forward to seeing how many collectors, new and old sign up to be a part of this exciting giveaway!
Feel free to share, share, share, the link please.

This painting started as a class piece for one of my advanced watercolor students. She added her husband's  sailboat to her painting for an anniversary present. 
This one is a watercolor mounted to canvas and put into a barnwood frame.

"Middle Bay and Old Glory" Watercolor mounted on canvas 14 x 18

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