Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Feeling crabby

This is one of my shadowbox paintings, hence the shadow thrown across the top of the crab! I can also see that my skills as a photo editor are lacking. (there is a slight bit of background showing) The shadowboxes started as a happenstance a couple of years ago. A large art supply company, (okay Michael's had them), but I could not bring myself to purchase them as they were rather expensive. I had longingly looked at them all summer long, but trying to be a good steward of my money, could not justify the purchase. 

Fast forward to fall.
I participated in the National shrimp festival put on by the Alabama Coastal Chamber.
I had a really good show.
I went to Michael's to buy 4 inch canvases because they were on sale.
The shadowboxes were on clearance!
Three sizes 24x24 , 16x16, and 12x24's
3 carts and 22 canvases later, I had my purchase firmly in tow to my car.
I painted them over the course of the next 3 weeks.
I took them to Peter Anderson, in Ocean Springs MS.
I sold half of them that weekend .
Husband asks "Can you get any more of these?" "No" was my reply.
I think I can build them...............
We have been building them ever since. I thank God every day for the man that he has put into my life. I also thank God for the woodworking skills he has gifted him with! It has allowed me to tell a collector, sure we can custom build that size for you as well. 
The shadowboxes are still popular in their third year and have been at several shows with great results. (And sometimes, rather funny "fights" over who's going to get a particular one!) I am glad I was patient about buying them. Michael's had brought them back for a short time, but have since pulled them again. I also purchased angled canvases, but that's another post!

Oh well, on to paint! This crab from a photograph that a friend sent to me. She was teaching at the Dauphin Island Sea lab and during some of their field trips, she took lots of pictures! Thankfully, she is allowing me to use them as references for paintings. I love this pose especially on this canvas because the claws look like they are coming to get you!

"Feeling Crabby" , 12 x 24, Acrylic on shadowbox canvas
Day 3 of the 100 days~100 paintings for 2017

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  1. I LOVE your crab paintings. They are my favorite!!!