Saturday, July 15, 2017

Playful Dolphins

Playful Dolphins is another of the multiple piece series started this spring. 
This one is actually for a client that was disappointed recently when Big Fish Trading Company sold the set she was originally looking at to purchase. I assured her I could paint another equally as lovely, but not the same pose. I try not to recreate the same pose over and over, thereby keeping my work as fresh and new as possible. We made arrangements to meet and I brought the Dolphins with me for her to have them in her space. After I toured her gorgeous new home, we unpacked the dolphins. She loved them, but wanted her husband to see them as well. I left them at her home on approval overnight. 

The next afternoon, her husband had some questions, one of which was,
 "Do you ever paint in color?" He also wanted to know if I was on the same page as far as hanging them. Additionally, we discussed the color to be added that would remind them of their honeymoon. They also have the cutest photograph of them with dolphins in the Florida Keys!  There is a  beautiful teal blue green cabinet that is near where the painting will hang.  This couple already have a collection of art that includes a wonderful mosaic piece done by a friend.  

This is Playful Dolphins with color added. I have done this with several of my sepia paintings, sometimes by request, others on my own.
I hope they enjoy them in their home as much as I enjoyed painting them!

Playful Dolphins, Acrylic on canvas, 2 16x20 and 1 24x24 canvas, 
Total piece measures about 5ft by 2ft
Day 13 of the 100 Days~100 Paintings 2017

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