Monday, July 10, 2017

Playing with the kiddos this week!

While this piece is not sale material, it was loads of fun!
Sometimes you've just got to go out of your comfort zone, and children really make me do this in spades. I love coming up with creative ways for the "littles" to have fun 
(although I have had adults join in at times!) I have learned so much about construction  and materials in my recycled class, there is virtually nothing I cannot figure out! 
I have entered the KID ZONE!

This week finds me at the Eastern Shore Art Center in downtown Fairhope. 
My class is chock full of 8-12 year olds in the Artelier class. This age is so much fun to teach and so eager to create! I am looking forward to a fun filled, hectic week!

I am also in the process of getting my better half to build a small amount of sets for our church's Summer Surge program. (Thanks love of my life! Chris Chavez) I am off to paint now!
It's going to be a busy, busy week!

Talk to the hand, Acrylic on canvas, 11 x 14
Day 8 of the 100 days~100 paintings

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